Stop Throwing Away Money (and stuff you could recycle!) 

Sequoia is a Managed Service Provider on a mission to help clients waste less time, money and recyclable material. We do this through speedy customer service, simple and transparent billing, and meticulous waste auditing and reporting.

Why Companies Trust Sequoia:

The waste industry is historically inefficient, and haulers are typically happy to increase costs if you're not paying attention. Brokers operate in a secretive capacity and may or may not be looking out for your best interests. We don't think it has to be this way! We treat client relationships like partnerships, and are always innovating to make an old industry more efficient and transparent.

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No More Paperweights

Businesses that work with Sequoia enjoy simple and clear reporting delivered via email or via the mobile app. To reduce complexity, we audit and digitize all invoices, providing custom billing solutions that meet your needs.

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Contract Management

It can be tough to renegotiate the terms of a hauler contract due to 'auto-renew' clauses. Our software tracks all your contracts so we're prepared to intercede and negotiate for savings when the opportunity arises.


Portfolio Reporting

Our system tracks any and all service data points in our relational database. We help our clients improve their bottom line by providing clear and actionable information.

Three Steps to Start Saving with Sequoia:



1: Authorize Sequoia to gather information for you.

We'll ask your current providers to give us your information, no matter the size of your company. You will not spend time hunting down old contracts and invoices - instead, we'll do the leg work.

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2: Receive a comprehensive waste stream audit free of charge outlining savings opportunities.

If we don't think we can make an improvement, we'll tell you and you walk away, completely free of charge! However, across a 5 building portfolio, we typically find savings ranging from 5%-25%. In ideal cases, we've saved clients up to 50% on monthly costs from the hauler!

Costs are reduced over time from contracting opportunities, regular auditing, and diversion-from-landfill programs.


3: Sequoia takes ownership and finds opportunities to make waste & recycling improvements.

Our Operations and Accounting teams will work to ensure everything in your portfolio is accurate, and that all savings opportunities are capitalized on. Our Client Communications team works with your entire organization via email and mobile apps that make it easy for on-site contacts to record service issues and find resolutions.

Experienced Professionals, at Your Service

Nationwide reach through our expansive vendor network.

Sequoia has streamlined our waste management processes with a single ‘go-to’ representative who does the best on our behalf, saving our company time and real dollars.
— Jarrad, Olympus Property