Sequoia's managed services help you cut costs, monitor vendors, and measure results.


Reduce Costs and Complexity
Our experts know what you should be paying for waste removal services and won’t let you pay a cent more. We’ll also look for ways you can save by altering your current setup or diversifying with recycling.


Resolve Issues Quickly
Missed pickup? Damaged dumpster? Notify our customer service reps and they'll take care of it. Contact us through our app, or shoot an email to! 

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Reach Your Goals
Our reporting tools make it easy to track your sustainability initiatives and cost savings across all service providers. Share dashboard updates on your progress with your team, customers, and tenants.

Trusted by over 2,500 locations across the U.S.

Sequoia has streamlined our waste management processes with a single ‘go-to’ representative who does the best on our behalf, saving our company time and real dollars.
— Jarrad, Olympus Property