What We Do

We join our clients as management partners, advising and acting on the full scope of waste and recycling needs. From equipment to strategy and all of the daily needs in between, Sequoia can help your business waste less time, money and recyclable materials.


No matter how we work together, the following are included perks:

  • Billing Consolidation: all contracted services at all locations in a billing group, delivered to you in 1 simple, customizable, digital invoice via batch PDF, CSV/XLS. (Electronic Data Interchange (EDI) billing options also available.)

  • Industry leading reporting, which makes generating accurate waste audits for all of your locations a breeze.

  • Dedicated support from our Operations and Client Communications teams: they're at the ready to help answer any questions, resolve any issues, or devise your business' next cost savings or green iniative.

  • Our Client Portal, Sequoia Central, and accompanying iOS apps make communicating with Sequoia a painless experience.