Simple ways to handle your most complex waste requirements.

Sequoia's technology helps you hold vendors accountable
and get the transparent reporting you deserve.


Detect issues before stepping outside

Our sensors constantly monitor the movement and temperature of your bins so we can notify you of any uncommon activity like a missed pick-up or a dumpster fire.

“Recently, a facility had waste overflowing onto the property due to a missed pickup by our hauler. Sequoia alerted us to the issue, and had it resolved within hours.”
—Lenny, Bath Fitter

Access information anytime, anywhere

Not sure when your next pickup is? Need a status update on that repair request? View all of your service details through our self-service portal or Sequoia's iPhone app. Our app allows you to take photos of incidents, helpful for receiving credits, and leverage in future contract negotiations.

“Sequoia's iPhone and Web apps make it easy to see the full history and current status of any waste issues while on-the-go.”
—George, Ascent Data

Simplify vendor relationships

Our goal is to make waste management easy for you. So no matter how many locations you manage, or how many setups you have, there’s only one contract and one point of contact: Sequoia Waste Solutions.

Since partnering with Sequoia, we haven’t needed to contact the haulers directly. Our customer service rep is always friendly and knowledgable, and has done a tremendous job managing our waste management relationships.

Shaunda, Pittsburgh Cultural Trust


Track waste initiatives, share progress

Our dashboards and reporting tools make it easy to see results, and spot trends—like overage fees in the summer—before they cost you.

"Sequoia's data helps us understand how we can change our operations to institute more sustainable practices."
—Frank, Pittsburgh Zoo and PPG Aquarium