Trash Talking

This Pittsburgh firm can turn garbage into data

When the developers of ultra posh The Yards at 3 Crossings in the Strip District began seeking help designing a waste management system, Sequoia Waste got the call. The company has made a name for itself streamlining the waste and recycling flow for small- to medium-sized businesses, and saving them a bundle in the process.

Businessweek - Sequoia's Solution for Waste

Most B-school students are still figuring things out after their freshman year. Not Charlie Dolan. A mere two semesters into his degree in management information systems at Villanova University, Dolan co-founded Sequoia Waste Solutions, a company that offers to solve the waste and recycling problems faced by small businesses.

100% Recyclable Office Furniture

Traditional office furniture seems to be 'here to stay', despite a growing mountain of evidence supporting the science stand-up-desks, or the benefits of collaborative workspaces. However, a few companies are taking a different approach at changing the way in which we use our every day desks and tables. Karton, a company based in Europe, is offering sturdy, 100% recyclable cardboard desks and other furniture pieces.

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