Cork Factory Lofts

Development of an adjacent building forced an operational change at the recently renovated Cork Factory

GMH Capital Partners
Waste Planning
March, 2021
Multifamily Housing

Historic building restricted access to containers

The Cork factory is a decades-old Historical Landmark nestled into Pittsburgh's booming Strip District. The property was one of the first which have been rehabilitated for multifamily living. Due to the early development, for years the lot next door remained vacant, allowing ample space for the hauler's front-end-load truck to  pass through the empty lot and line-up to the elevated loading dock.

2yd compactor bins were serviced from the dock by the steady hand of a front-load truck operator.


In 2020 the lot next door is being developed for additional multi-family housing, making it impossible for the hauler to line up for bin retrieval from the loading dock.

New construction on the adjacent property made it impossible for the hauler to safely pickup the containers.

Temporary Solution

The site was immediately impacted by the change to the adjacent property, causing disruption. The property was able to work with the construction team next door to lower/lift the compacted bins from the elevated dock to the sidewalk using a boom fork lift.

Final Product

  • Custom designed folding ramp, powered by an independent winch system
  • System fits within the building's existing facade due to the building's historic landmark status
  • Requires no heavy lifting by staff
  • The bins and ramp are moved up and down by two specially designed winches, preventing worker injury risk and equipment damage to the greatest extent possible
The ramp can be moved between horizontal and vertical positions, allowing traffic on the sidewalk when not in use.
Render of one of the custom winches that is rolled into an anchor system once the ramp is unfolded.

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