Change of user behavior at a loading dock.

"It was challenging to reach our recycling targets because of continued contamination. Sequoia was able to create a solution within our existing loading dock capacity that resolves the issue."

Highmark Inc.
Change of user behavior at a loading dock.
March, 2020
Commercial Office & Retail


The Loading Dock is home to six different material types & processes across multiple contracts and vendors, which resulted in a lack of cost control, while breeding confusion and cross contamination due to poor signage, inadequate training and weak physical controls.

Setting: Waste in a 30-yard self-contained compactor, Recycling in 2 yard bins, Bulk items in a 30-yard roll off, Cardboard in a baler, Secure Documents in locked Toters brought to dock by day-porters, and Contractor wastes in another 30-yard roll off.


~$53,000/yr in labor savings and penalty fees, including rebates.

  1. Fence in the Bulk items 30-yard roll off so that it is only usable by authorized personnel. Previously anyone could drop anything in the bulk item roll-off…and they did! Reduced Bulk Roll-off hauls cost by 48.7% through cost controls and operational improvements. ($19,000/yr)
  2. Switch Secure Document system from previous vendor “At the Dock” pickups of Toters to “on the floor” pickups of console bags. Reduced Costs by 57%. ($28,000/yr)
  3. Install Fence between Recycling containers and adjacent walkway. Eliminated contamination incidents from unauthorized users mindlessly tossing wastes into recycling.
  4. Design and Install a recycling system to utilize toters throughout the building, that are tipped via machine into dedicated recycling bins. Coupled with new training, signage and quality controls, the contamination of recycling has been eliminated, saving $4,000 per year.
  5. Installed a 10 yard roll-off for the contractors to deposit metals. Generated $2,400 in rebates per year.

BEFORE: Recycling bins located next to the compactor and along the handrail of a ramp. The recycling bins were consistently contaminated, reducing the mixed use property's ability to properly recycling.

A fence was installed to eliminate the opportunity to contaminate the containers while walking along the ramp, which was a commonly observed behavior from our research.

A view from the loading dock of the platform prior to tipper installation. Next, the fabrication team will attach the toter tipper and build out a hopper extended from the platform to funnel material into container(s) below.
A custom fabricated safety door and hopper were constructed off of the loading dock. Here it is in progress. A third plate will be added in the foreground. The containers can be easily wheeled out from underneath the hopper by the hauler at the time of service.
Photo of the hopper with the final side added and painted with visibility colors.

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