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Calculations based on compacting trash/MSW, GHG = Greenhouse gas in short tons
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Under Pressure to Deliver More, with Less?

You're not the only one under constant pressure to deliver lower costs and more environmentally friendly outcomes for an increasing number of properties.  

At Sequoia Waste Solutions, we know trash and we know data. We also know that haulers and brokers are not arming you with the data you need to continuously improve and report on your success. 

It’s time for a trash compactor system that works for you.

Does Your Compactor Tell You When It's Full?

Chronically inaccurate pressure gauges lead to more wasted dollars.

Our trash compactor calculates fill-levels and knows exactly when to schedule the next waste pickup so you don’t have to. It also learns the patterns of your property by using artificial intelligence.

Smart waste monitors have resulted in annual cost reductions of 40% for our customers, saving them over $5,000 on average, and as much as $28,000.

All It Takes is 10 Minutes

Our trash compactor monitor takes only 10 minutes to install and requires no special certifications or tools. Simply plug it into a standard outlet or your compactor’s power system. Then, choose the monthly rental fee that fits your needs. It’s that simple.

  • One easy monthly fee per month, per device
  • No upfront costs
  • No long term contract and cancel anytime
  • 100% satisfaction - return the monitor anytime for full refund within 30 days
  • Upgrade or downgrade rental plans at any time

Hear From Our Customers

Learn how the Sequoia Compactor Monitor improved daily operations for each of our customers.

Dayrise Residential: Renaissance at Galleria

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Winthrop Management: U.S. Steel UPMC

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Westin Cleveland Hotel

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Sequoia Waste Solutions' mission is to deliver reliable service with complete transparency to its partners by leveraging technology to create real improvements.