Compactor Monitoring

Waste compactors play a vital role in efficient waste removal.
Unfortunately, the full benefits are rarely realized because of partially-full pickups, often on pre-set schedules. It’s a missed efficiency & cost saving opportunity that prior solutions were too expensive and antiquated to properly address. 

Sequoia’s Pioneer Compactor Monitor delivers a cost savings of up to 60%. The system takes just 20 minutes to install, pays for itself in under 60 days, and provides users with access to the most advanced management & reporting platform in the industry.
  • Pioneer pairs with the compactor over time, learning its habits and usage profile.
  • Automatically orders pickups with the hauler and copies any number of additional recipients.
  • Detailed environmental impact and savings reports.
  • Hardware is internet connected via a dedicated cellular modem for ongoing updates, requiring no IT involvement or security risk.
  • No cost for hardware (others charge up to $5,000 per unit), just a flat monthly subscription.
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Invoice Auditing

Companies spend time, energy and money to procure the best deals for their business. They run a great RFP process, but then assume invoices will be in line with the contract. This is a blindspot.
  • Over 27% of hauler invoices are incorrectly billed.
  • Centralized Payment Providers (utilities, indirect spend, etc) often don’t catch 82% of payment errors.
  • It’s like a hidden 5% price increase.
  • Office Space taught us that pennies matter.Sequoia’s Invoice Audit technology catches incorrect billings down to the penny.
  • Trust the most accurate invoice auditing technology.
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Portfolio Services

Sequoia unbundled its technology and service offerings in 2018 to better serve those that only need a portion of our offering.

Some companies would benefit most from our full “portfolio management” approach where we manage the entire portfolio from equipment and services procurement through to invoicing and customer service.

If that’s you, let’s talk.
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Secure Document Destruction

Did you know that secure document management companies often bill you for 13 months of service a year? Sequoia’s team has deep industry knowledge to help you to have the best and most cost-effective secure document management, without the risk of being ripped off. And without cutting corners or increasing your risk exposure.
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Sustainability Analysis

Sustainability means delivering for multiple stakeholders. Balancing the goals of customer satisfaction, environmental concerns, employee needs, supplier limitations and budgetary constraints requires creative solutions with a firm grasp of the numbers. We’re here to help you when you’re ready to embark on this journey.
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Waste Insights

Valuable environmental and business operations data is lost in your accounting department. Sequoia has the tools to collect this disparate data, and organize it in a fashion helpful to your business. Some example use cases:
  • Diversion % - Total Tons of material landfilled/recycled by Location
  • Amount of Excess Yardage or Contamination charges by location
  • Total spent on scheduled removal and roll-off containers by location
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Site Planning & Design

The best time to plan for waste & recycling is right now. The next best time is when you begin to review your architectural concept sketches. Why? Because “Waste Planning” is easy when the walls are made of ink. Too often architects rob space from the trash room to meet another need…and the problem isn’t apparent until the building is operational. That’s when a pound of cure costs 10x the ounce of prevention. We’re here to help you. Contact us with your site plan and let’s talk about what we see.
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On-Site Training

Not sure that you have the time or expertise needed to get everyone on board with the new program or system? Not to worry. Our team can bring your team up to speed on the improvements that you need to see implemented. In-person, web-based, on the phone and through training videos. We’ve got your success covered. We’ll ensure that programs are implemented and adopted as designed. Let’s talk about where you’d like help.
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Get smarter about managing your waste and recycling.
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