The Industry Fails to Innovate and Struggles to be Honest

Waste Hauling Dirty Practices

Trash is a dirty business, and unfortunately it attracts some dirty behavior. The entire system is setup to favor the trash hauler, NOT you the property manager, building owner, or consumer of trash hauling services.

What are all the problems?

How much time do you have? 

Unfair Contracts, poor service, regular price increases - it's all a part of the game. Not enough is being done to EARN your business.

Confusing and Long-Term Contracts

Exclusive rights, restrictive and long-term, automatic renewal, all sorts of fee penalties - this is not a real business relationship. These are contracts designed to extract money from customers.

Do you understand your contract?

It can be challenging to understand waste hauling contracts, and that's because they're intentionally written to be confusing.

Would you like to get out of your contract?

We make this possible even though the contracts are written to appear non-negotiable.

Confusing and Vague Waste Contracts

Unreliable Service, No Guarantees, No Penalties for Poor Performance

Missed Pickup for Waste and Recycling Solution

Any other business has to live up to the customer's standard of quality, so why is the Trash Industry allowed to define its own standard?

Missed Pickup? Damaged Property?

These problems happen too frequently and it shouldn't be your responsibility to correct them.

Uncapped, Unclear, and Creative Fees with Price Increases

The status quo is a confusing system designed to extract money from you.

Are you paying hidden fees?

It's hard to know because the haulers sneak fees into invoices. There's little to no transparency or guarantee that the fees adhere to the contract.

Is your monthly bill going up or down over time?

Your average trash output probably doesn't change much over time, so why does the bill keep creeping up without justification?

Unfair Price Increase for Waste Services

Over-Servicing = Paying to Pick-up Air

Flexible and On-Demand Waste Services

Is your Bin Empty when it's serviced?

It's all too common that customers are paying for way more trash service than they need. Sometimes they're literally paying for air to be taken away.

Do Haulers have an incentive to reduce pickups?

No, they're paid to pickup a potential volume each month, not to routinely right-size your service.

Customer Service on Their Terms, not Yours

Do you ever wonder why the cable company can't just show up on time? Trash hauling is no different.

Tired of waiting on the phone?

It's annoying. The service experience should be much better.

Better Customer Service for Waste and Recycling
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